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About Statecraft

Statecraft is a Vanilla Minecraft Survival server featuring shops, ranks, homes, claims, and much more. With a supportive community, we on Statecraft take great pride in making sure every player can have a great time. In addition to around-the-clock administration and a wide variety of language support such as german and french, Statecraft also features an integrated discord server to interact with the players individually or as a group. The Statecraft Team welcomes players from all around the world to come to play with us and hopes to see you soon.

Organising principles of the state

The Statecraft government is run professionally by an experienced team of Ministers and one Primeminister. There is a Parliament, voting, laws, and a well-organized political community. The Ministers act like regular server staff would, managing the economy, enforcing rules, and helping players, and they are either elected or chosen by the Primeminister. A minister will have to do tasks in their designated field. These tasks can include setting up a shop-plot for a plyer or make sure that players adhere to the Statecraft rules. If you are interested in a position, apply here